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Webcast: Mobile Robots Offer Flexibility for Manufacturing


Webcast: Mobile Robots Offer Flexibility for Manufacturing

April, 20th 2022, Webinar, Webcast-Mobile Robots

Over the past few years, autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, suppliers have released larger, heavy-duty platforms. Many of them were destined for the automotive industry, but other factories and warehouses can use such robots for moving pallets of goods.

What should manufacturers look for in AMRs and the software that runs them? How can they bring them into existing infrastructure with minimal change? How much education is needed for the workforce and managers, and what are some emerging use cases?

In this free webcast, our expert panelists will answer these questions and more, as they look at the specific requirements for mobile robots in production environments.

They will discuss topics such as the following:

  • Performance requirements for AMRs in manufacturing
  • Integrating mobile robots into factory processes and enterprise systems
  • Training and safety for larger autonomous platforms
  • Managing mobile robots alongside other equipment
  • Mobile manipulation and loading docks
  • Systems operations centers and robotics as a service