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The 19th Annual Motor & Drive Systems Conference


The 19th Annual Motor & Drive Systems Conference

Feb, 8th – 9th 2022, Conference, Motor & Drive Systems Conference

Motor & Drive Systems 2022 will provide the best forum to learn from industry thought leaders on the latest technical advancements impacting the design, integration and efficiency of motor, drive systems and motion control for automation, robotics, manufacturing and industrial, as well as utilities and automotive applications.

  • If you are a design engineer for an automotive manufacturer, discover how a new material or design, will not only provide economic advantages to your system, but also produce higher speeds and reliability.
  • If you are an engineer for electric machines such as HVAC and appliances, learn how integrating new motor and drive systems into your machines can provide higher efficiency, quieter operation and manufacturing consistency.
  • If you are a motor design engineer learn how new magnetic materials and fabrication techniques are revolutionizing motor components, testing and applications.
  • If you are a CTO or lead engineer learn how predictive maintenance and Industry X.0 are transforming motor and drive systems that will impact your bottom line.

MAGNETICS 2022 is a co-located conference with a lot of synergy. Your registration grants you full access to both conferences.