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工业自动化市场季度信心调查 – A3


This survey is the first of its kind conducted by Interact Analysis on behalf of A3 and will be repeated every quarter to allow for comparison of automation industry sentiment over time.

This survey was conducted between the 5-25 January 2023 and includes responses from 163 individuals. It considers changes over the last 3 months, and expected changes over the next 3 months, for a respondents’ company/organization for the following metrics:

▪ New orders (new and existing customers)
▪ Production*
▪ Headcount*
▪ Product leadtimes
▪ Inventory of available product
▪ Backlog of orders
▪ Raw material / component costs*
▪ Prices for customers (on a like-for-like basis)*

Expectations for the coming 12 months have also been surveyed for “total revenues” as well as the items marked with an asterisk.

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